Meet the volunteers: Pei-Ning Lin

As a foreigner, I didn’t expect that The Keep would be willing to accept me as an intern. I’m from Taiwan, and thought the difference in language and culture may cause communication and understanding barriers between us. I also thought that this archive centre would be very serious and not easy for the public toContinue reading “Meet the volunteers: Pei-Ning Lin”

Meet the staff: Katie Tavini, Audio Preservation Engineer

Interview by Lindsey Tydeman This is all new to me – I’ve never worked in archives before! As a child I learned the violin and went on to do a music degree. There was a small recording module on the course which involved time in a studio and I absolutely loved it. I used toContinue reading “Meet the staff: Katie Tavini, Audio Preservation Engineer”

Genevieve – the film-star car!

By Esther Gill On Saturday, 2 November 2019, we had a showing of Genevieve, the classic 1953 British comedy featuring the eponymous car and its travails in the London to Brighton Veteran Car Run. And the following day, the car herself motored down to Brighton for the 2019 Run. Meanwhile, in the Unlocking Our SoundContinue reading “Genevieve – the film-star car!”