Learning more about working with sound collections


As we come to the final phase of our project (June 2021-January 2022), we are rolling out a series of workshops covering different areas of our work. All events are free and bookable via Eventbrite.

An introduction to understanding and preserving sound collections, led by our Audio Preservation Engineer, Duncan Harrison.

An introductory workshop aimed at both the private collector and archivists starting out on the journey of thinking about the preservation of their sound collections. Duncan Harrison will give an introduction to recorded sound, the carrier you are likely to be working with and talk about the approach to preservation taken by the Unlocking Our Sound Heritage project.

Dates: 10th June 2021 and 7th July 2021

Further dates for the autumn will be announced here.


We would also recommend some very useful resources recently published by the British Library: a set of nine guides to caring for your sound collections:

  • How to identify & care for the sounds formats in your collection
  • Storage for sound collections
  • Disaster prevention and recovery of sound collections
  • Getting your sound collections digitised: the first steps
  • Cataloguing your sound collections
  • Demystifying rights: Copyright
  • Demystifying rights: Data protection
  • Long-term storage of digital sound files
  • Want to find out more about caring for sound collections

All nine pdfs can be downloaded from the British Library’s Help section on their website.

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