Listening Well

Two women, sitting on a sofa. One is wearing headphones, the other is holding a mp3 player. Both are smiling.

Listening well: an online resource using archive sound recordings to support wellbeing

Unlocking Our Sound Heritage (UOSH) at The Keep, Brighton, would like to commission an individual, organisation or partnership to create, test and deliver an online Resource using archive sound recordings to support people’s sense of wellbeing.

The Resource will comprise sets of themed sound recordings from The Keep’s archives, with clips from other sources if required and downloadable ‘how to’ guides with ideas and guidance on how to use the sound clips with individuals and groups. It will be visually appealing, professional in tone and presentation, and meet all public sector online accessibility requirements.

As part of this commission, the Resource will be tested and demonstrated through five workshops with potential target audiences, and a training workshop for carers, community workers and other professionals on using it to support wellbeing.

We are open to creative proposals from applicants as to exactly how the sound recordings could be used to support wellbeing and which audiences the resource will be aimed at.

Commissioning OrganisationUnlocking Our Sound Heritage project, managed by the University of Sussex at The Keep, Brighton.
Main contactEsther Gill, Hub Project Manager,
Nature of commissionTo create, test and deliver a downloadable resource using archive sound recordings to aid wellbeing.
Budget£8000 (inclusive of VAT)
TimescaleMay to November 2021

For full details download the brief:

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