Keep Sounds was part of Unlocking Our Sound Heritage, a British Library project to preserve, catalogue, and give access to rare and unique sound recordings from across the UK.

Unlocking Our Sound Heritage ran from 2018-2021, based at The Keep Archives in Brighton. Over its three years, the project digitised and catalogued over 3250 at-risk sound recordings held in archives and museums across the South East. It also provided training on preserving, cataloguing and working with sound recordings; developed a programme of public events on the theme of ‘listening’; worked with artists and community groups; and cleared the copyright on over 700 recordings to go on a new British Library website.

For a bit more information about the project, see a film about our work: The journey of a tape.

For any queries relating to the Unlocking Our Sound Heritage project at The Keep, please contact: the.keep@eastsussex.gov.uk.

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